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Here at Printed we continually update both our machinery and our training to bring our customers cutting edge printing technology in the most cost effective way.



Every business benefits from writing down their good points, then putting it in a book or a brochure to give to their clients. We can print in any size, shape or colour.



Bring attention to your event by putting up bright, bold, informative posters. Any size on any material from nice glossy poster paper to 5mm thick foamboard to make sure it gets noticed!


Pop in or call, we can help you with stickers, tickets, stationery, postcards, folders and much more..

You want to use your agency? That’s fine with us. We can happily deal with any file formats you care to throw at us. If you would rather discuss how we can help with design, our friendly team are ready and willing to help.

Our HP Indigo presses use liquid ink to give you the look and feel of offset printing with genuine photo quality in a fraction of the time and cost. In addition to its stock versatility, the HP Indigo press boasts high definition dot placement technology and zero dot gain for superior line work, micro text and solid colour printing. One of our presses is fitted with Indichrome 6 colour and also prints with White Ink.

Download our Artwork Guidelines here



Start-up your business with a brand new logo and stationery to match. We can get you started with business cards, letterheads, leaflets, van graphics, your own branded clothing and even set you up on social media! Arrange an appointment. Email The Team at Printed and see what we can do for you.


Target your market with variable data print

Hit your target

Post your marketing literature directly from the printers! Our print and fulfilment service using variable print digital technologies is a perfect way to enhance your business and marketing communication.

You can use different images and variable text throughout your print to deliver highly targeted mail shots, newsletters, postcards (in envelope or traditional). Further uses include letterheads, booklets, flyers, postcards, technical manuals, instructions sheets or business cards.

Other than a bit of extra time taken for pre-press set up, a variable data print run is now no more trouble than a conventional print run on our Indigo presses. Variable data printing allows different elements of the design to be changed for each and every printed piece. Text, graphics, and images can be changed.

Graphics file

We recommend using Adobe InDesign to create your final file as you would any other job. You can also use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for your graphics and images of course, but please send us the whole file packaged with all elements included. We need to work from your original file, not PDF as we write all the information together to the HP proprietry format.
In the places that you want variable data to be used, simply insert placeholder text. This placeholder text should be identical to the name of the column header of your accompanying CSV data file. Please use the hash # symbol so we can pick it out. (Hash is Alt-3 on a Mac)

Preparing your data file

For any variable data printing, we need to know the data that is to be put on each piece. Your Excel, Numbers or Open Office data file should be provided to us as a CSV file. Each row in the file represents a printed piece, and each column represents the element that will be changed. 
The process is much like mail merge. If you want to personalise letters, for example, you would have a column in your spreadsheet named ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’, and each row would have a different person’s first and last name. Then, in your file, anywhere you would want to have those printed, you would put the placeholder text ‘#First Name#’ or ‘#Last Name#’ (or whatever the column header is) in your document. This can be using any font or text styling that InDesign can handle.

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