Printed posters and leaflets


Bring attention to your event by putting up bright, bold, informative posters. Any size on any material from nice glossy poster paper to 5mm thick foamboard to make sure it gets noticed! Leaflets are the best way to ensure that people interested in your event get all the details they want. How many times have you seen something and then not done anything about it as it’s slipped your mind? By making leaflets or mini brochures available you stand more chance of customers remembering you and your message.

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Here at Printed we produce short run (up to a couple of thousand) paperbacks, spiral bound catalogues or board packs, instruction manuals and reports. Turnaround can be same day if you supply artwork! Perhaps you only want five copies of your paperback book to see how it goes\/ The advent of digital printing means that short runs or test runs are no longer prohibitive to produce.



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